All-in-one Secureboot tool

Enable and disable secure boot easily with this tool

The tool


Handy, powerful and small package capable of exploiting the RT tablets to boot unsigned code like Linux.

Installing this exploit is not needed for end user unless you're using a Surface 2 (RT2). From years of research an average person does not require full access if all they want is to run Windows 10 on their tablet.

Secureboot exploit screen after booting from USB

Files below are straightforward, extract to a USB drive and boot off of it. There is a script file inside to preconfigure default setting in case you don't have a USB hub.


You can navigate with the volume buttons, and select your choice with the enter key on a USB keyboard. (Windows key is not supported) Note: Surface 2 (RT2) has a working TypeCover in exploit menu. Surface RT users are forced to rely on a hub with external keyboard.


Compatible with both Surface RT and Surface 2 (RT2).

Credits to @jwa4

@jwa4 (on discord) created this tool and provided the files for the upload on this page.