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Touch/Type/Power Covers (Future- Cover) these are attachable keyboards with a proprietary connector for the Microsoft Surface series of tablet computers.
Overall size
Fun fact: Cover for Surface of the first 2 models (RT, RT2, Pro, Pro2) are also suitable for Pro 3 and 3 (unofficial name: RT3). The sizes will be different, but they are easily detected by the system and have full functionality.

Types of Cover

Touch Cover

Touch Cover is a family of keyboards for the Surface that focus on interaction through the touch keyboard. When typing through this keyboard (provided that you do not have silent mode enabled), the PC makes sounds, which helps you navigate when typing.
Touch Cover 1 came with the SurfaceRT from the factory. Not relevant for refurbished models.
TouchCover 1/2 | Black | ANSI
The difference between Touch Cover 1 and 2: The quality of the materials, the backlight of the keys (Only Touch Cover 2).

Type Cover

Type Cover uses the already traditional scheme of user interaction through physical keys. switches are made according to the "scissors" type, typing is pleasant, space and shift stabilization is present.
Type Cover 1
Type Cover 2
TypeCover 1 | Black | ANSI
TypeCover 2 | Blue | ANSI
The difference between Type Cover 1 and 2: The quality of the materials, the backlight of the keys, the material of the touchpad (Only Type Cover 2).

Power Cover

The Power Cover is a Type Cover 2 cover with an extra battery. It is stated that it will be able to charge the battery "up to 70 percent". The internal battery capacity of the keyboard is unknown.
PowerCover | Black | ANSI (sorry, cant find photo in better quality)

Universal pinout

Here is a universal pinout of all Keyboard covers for Surface that work with Surface RT/RT2/Pro/Pro2
Only valid for the following models: Touch Cover (1, 2); Type Cover (1, 2); Power Cover


Applying Logic to the Surface Touch Cover
Applying Logic to the Surface Touch Cover
Probing a Surface Touch Cover
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