Windows 10

Windows 10 on ARM32 runs on Surface RT and Surface 2

Despite previous statements to the contrary, Microsoft announced that ARMv7 Surface devices would remain on Windows RT 8.1 in January 2015. Following this announcement the devices were effectively abandoned.

During a security breach at Microsoft in early 2017 build 15035 of Windows 10 Creators Update was obtained, this build eventually leaked to BetaArchive on 24th November 2019. This build is currently the only leaked Windows 10 client build available for ARMv7 processors.

Although this build is not generally considered suitable for daily use, it has attracted some interest from the remaining users of ARMv7 devices as an unofficial upgrade from Windows RT.

Windows 10 build 15035 by BetaWiki, used under CC BY / Desaturated from original

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