All-in-one Secureboot tool

Enable and disable secure boot easily with this tool

The tool


This tool useful for testing purposes, where you sometimes need to quickly change the secureboot state of your system. For normal users re-enabling secureboot brings no advantages.

Re-enabling locking your system does not require you to do all steps for disabling secure boot; Just select "Install Golden Keys" and then "Install Yahallo" to disable secure boot again. (Tested for srt1)

You should always be able to use this tool if either secure boot is disabled with yahallo, or bootmanager exploit is installed.


Compatible with both sRT and sRT2.

Put these files on your USB to get an all-in-one tool to disable/enable secureboot with yahallo and enable/disable windows boot manager secureboot bypass.


You can navigate with the volume buttons, and select your choice with the enter key on a USB keyboard. (Windows key is not supported)

Credits to @jwa4

@jwa4 (on discord) created this tool and provided the files for the upload on this page.