APX boot

Boot linux on your Surface RT using the Fusée Gelée exploit.
APX booting is for advanced users. Visit the main Linux page for a short comparison between EFI vs. APX Linux
You should read all the the sub-sections before you start. The subsections are logical ordered from top to bottom
Get the latest and tested Devicetree for APX boot.
As we bypass all the firmware with APX boot, someone needs to setup memory and load Linux. Uboot is used for this.
Get prebuilt binaires for Das U-Boot if you don't want to compile it yourself.
Get a Linux kernel for APX.
Linux without any root filesystem is useless for the end-user. Get instructions on how to get one.
Fusée Gelée is the exploit used to bypass the security checks for APX mode. Get information on how to execute the exploit in order to boot linux.
Booting linux with APX mode is rather complicated. You can find a little summary and final instructions here:
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