Special Boot modes

UEFI Boot from USB

  1. Prepare USB: format it as FAT32 and copy your files

  2. Insert USB into your Surface

  3. Hold Vol-Down

  4. Press PWR

  5. Wait until the Surface logo shows and wait some more seconds

  6. Release Vol-Down

To boot unsigned non Microsoft UEFI Apps you need to apply Yahallo first

APX - tegra recovery mode

  1. Connect your Tegra3/4 via an USB A-to-A cable to an USB 3.0 Port of your PC

  2. Hold Vol-Up

  3. Press PWR

  4. Release Vol-Up it should immediately boot into APX mode

  5. Use your payload sender to send data (Fusée Gelée)

Newer PCs can use an USB Type C cable instead of USB A-to-A cable