APX can boot normal and UEFI kernels. UEFI can only boot UEFI kernels. Therefore we use UEFI kernel for both methods of booting. This simplyfies development, testing and distributing kernel Images for both boot methods.

Visit the main Linux page for a short comparison between EFI vs. APX Linux

Prebuilt binaries vs. self compiling

Building a Kernel is an advanced process for most beginners. If you just want to use Linux on your Surface RT you should go with the prebuilt binaries. If you want to help developing you need to compile the kernel on your own.

Prebuilt binaries

If you don't want to compile a kernel yourself, just use the prebuilt binaries. They are built everytime new hardware support is added. These images additionally include a lot of USB drivers and are digitally signed.

Prebuilt binaries

Compile it yourself

Get information on how to compile a working Linux kernel. You can either use mainline linux, or grate-driver/linux (based on Linux-next with experimental changes for tegra devices).

Configure & Build

There are branches for all devices.

Use the master tree to only get tested and stable features for all devices:

Use the device speccific branches for your device:

Booting the kernel

For information on how to boot your kernel, visit the Booting page.


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