Surface RT


  • check all ACPI PowerResources/GPIO again
  • finish battery driver
  • get wifi to work
  • convert edid to display timings and add it to devicetree
  • patch UEFI Shell GOP
  • does WinButton work without daughter board? No: Windows button is connected to Screen digitizer
  • run i2c detect without daughter board (MPS430?)
  • add a picture for every IC and its location.
  • revisit i2c patch. maybe no need to patch 10bit address check
  • add pictures of every IC + location on mainboard
  • XDA update
  • create a lot more documentation on how i got xyz working. (identifing sensor, logic analyzer, bla bla)
  • Fix devicetree always on regulators
  • empty I2C bus? try different pinmux; CAMS?
  • check BDID whith others
  • What is open Surface RT? OpenSource, OpenHardware, OpenedDevice
  • unixbench: apx vs efi
  • UC3L chip: SensorCollection or EmbeddedController or both?
  • Research how Uefi blocks LDO5 writes
  • Create minimal .config
  • Explain the root and rootwait param
  • switch from UEFI shell to grub
  • "shim" which sets conout before chainloading other files.
  • early uartE with efistub pinmux setting
  • use initrd as rootfs? Yes: root=/dev/ram0


  • apx uboot devicetree
  • apx devicetree
  • apx 1gb ram
  • operation performance points (OPP)
  • tCover
  • implement thermal zone
  • Wifi: reboot from UEFI to apx and see if wifi works. A: no


  • POWER_SUPPLY_PROP_STATUS + polling for capacity change


  • Examine all ConOut handles to see why it picks the wrong one.
  • Examine all ConIn handles to see if tCover is possible.
Last modified 2yr ago