Linux for Surface RT

Here you will find everything related to Linux on Surface RT

You should read all the the sub-sections before you start. The subsections are logical ordered from top to bottom

The 2 ways of booting

This section and the sub-sections describe Linux for RCM/APX Boot.

EFI Boot

Progress has been made with EFI booting. Currently it works, only disadvantage is that PMIC regulators don't work, which doesn't allow SD card to switch from 3V3 mode to 1V8 mode. We got SMP to work so performance is better now.

Visit EFI booting in the development category for further information.


What's Missing?

  • Hardware Acceleration

  • Wifi

  • Bluetooth

  • Sensors

  • Battery

  • Type/Touch Cover

  • Camera

  • Audio

  • 1GB DDR3 RAM