• try grub multiboot with linux and windows
  • Try to add custom certificates to UEFI and replace standard Console Out Protocol (with the help of yahallo exploit, it makes efi vars read-/writeable)
  • Try to use efibootmgr in linux: doesn't work try with mount -t efivarfs /sys/firmware/efi/efivars
  • add restore script for windows boot loader here.
  • add a new image of the Makefile in Compiling kernel.
  • add ACPI parking protocol address to APIC
  • Dump boot0/1 from windows. Should work on srt2 too. For hectorantonio. His device has interesting issues. Messages from 14/15 July 2021
  • EFI linux compilation guide has manual device tree addition. Change this to a patch.
  • Compare performance between pre-ExitBootServices and post-ExitBootServices
  • Make a test.efi that passes parameters to efi stub kernel
  • document what's required for efifb
  • document progress of lenovo ideapad yoga 11
  • Add new information about Golden keys. The certificate is stored in the RPMB. and are points where this is discussed.
  • tell about display in uefi shell