Raspberry Pi OS

Install Raspberry Pi OS

You need to flash an official raspberry Pi OS image to a SD Card You can use the official Raspberry Pi Imager sudo apt install rpi-imager Imager will create 2 partitions on your SD Card.

First partition

The existing files are not required. You can delete them.

The files below only need to be there for APX booting. For normal users that are EFI booting they are not required. For EFI booting you have your kernel and device tree either on your USB drive's or EMMC's EFI partition.

The first partition is a fat32 partition called system-boot. It contains the kernel, devicetree and bootloader.

You need to delete all files and place your

  • boot.scr

  • zImage

  • (devicetree)

  • (initrd)

Second partition

The second partition is an ext4 partition called writable. It contains the root filesystem

Boot Raspi OS

You boot RaspiOS like any other distro on Surface RT.

TODO after boot

There is one thing to do after you can see the desktop. Open the Terminal and enter sudo raspi-config Choose Advanced Options Choose Expand Filesystem Now your SD Card is writable and can use all of the space.