Dump Bootrom

Idea dumping boot rom seems easy. only need to set the right access bits. which we can do since we have total control over the CPU/memory. Reverse engineering is the hard part. 48kB arm assembler. And only some bits decide from which device is booted from. But we have a good starting point. The provided example patches a function which prevents the bootrom to read the BCT. We need to patch some bits before this instruction is executed. and since reading the BCT is the first thing the bootrom does we should start looking at the begining of the function call chain. only need to figure out to which value we must set the byte. but this should also be easy. the bootdevice is read form a fuse. Nvidia provides a script to burn fuses. this should tell us which fuse is used for bootdevice selection and we should be able to find this address in the bootrom. it should also tell us which value the fusee needs to be to boot from mmc/sd/usb/... the theory part is "done". Need to dump the bootrom and throw the binary into ghidra. find the function which reads the boot device fuse and write an ipatch to patch the bootrom. like disableing security fuse. i hope this allows us to boot selfmade BCTs from other storage devices. luckily we dont have to do some voltage glitching. we could just set the bits to read the bootrom


Secureboot registers

Tegra 2
Tegra 3
Tegra 4
Tegra X1
Secureboot registers should be located at 6000:c2000
Tegra 3 secureboot registers

fusee gelee payload